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  • Go Beyond is a registered tax-exempt charity in Hong Kong (IRD file number 91/11909).
  • Our rural library is providing children with high quality educational material. There are now musical instruments available, thanks to the kind support of the Rainbows After Rain project.
  • Rainwater collection facilities we have installed continue to benefit families, and we are continuing with testing and developing a local materials ram pump and training package.
  • Water awareness activities from 2014 to 2017 have included ram pump demonstrations, for volunteers and high-school students, and the testing of ram pumps in several locations in Hong Kong.
  • These milestones have been reached because of the generosity of our sponsors, through sponsoring activities directly, organizing a fund-raising event or spreading the word among friends and colleagues.


You can be a part – please donate via our Bank of China (Hong Kong) account or via PayPal.

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Please let us know by email if you wish to direct all or part of your donation to support any of the following projects:

  • Water for Life
  • Knowledge Tree Education Project
  • Nepal projects

Thank you for kind your support!



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