About Us

Registered as a charity in Hong Kong Go Beyond provides unique opportunities for students and older volunteers to make a difference through its "Water For Life" project and "Knowledge Tree Education Project", and through partner projects in Nepal, India and Cambodia, with new locations under consideration.

Go Beyond training activities prepare volunteers and enable them to have a greater impact when on field trips.

The Go Beyond team is passionate about the potential of young volunteers to assist and, in teamwork, learn to manage volunteer projects of all descriptions. Our hallmark strategy is cooperation, networking, collaboration and learning from each other.

What kind of volunteering does Go Beyond offer?

Go Beyond volunteer projects focus on the urgent needs of communities, such as the need for a sustainable water supply and for quality educational resources.

What are the benefits of combining volunteering and travel?

Working on these projects, while travelling, is an unparalleled experience that can broaden students’ perspectives, as well as equip them to better understand the challenges the world faces in the 21st Century.

What activities do volunteers work on in the Go Beyond Water for Life project?

Go Beyond volunteers have installed rainwater harvesting facilities and set up water storage tanks, a key to a sustainable water supply in mountainous areas such as in Yunnan, China.

Go Beyond also trains students, as well as remote communities, in assembling and operating a ram pump manufactured by Go Beyond, as well as a high performance ram pump, where a vertical lift of 100m or more is required.

What activities do volunteers work on in the Go Beyond Knowledge Tree Education Project?

The library in Yunnan, established by Go Beyond volunteers, is built around a booklist of 5,000 high-quality books, which are beautifully illustrated and correctly levelled for children learning to read.

In Nepal, Go Beyond volunteers contributed to the establishment of a similar library, which includes a building and a large book collection.

Volunteers can contribute to library projects in various ways, such as receiving donated books, organizing library materials, painting and setting up library rooms, and painting murals.