Since 2010, Go Beyond has assisted Beam Life Foundation in Nepal. We have made two trips to Nepal to date and there are more trips planned for the future.

Beam Life's founder, James Luitel, has a vision to bring education opportunities to children with almost no options to receive a quality education. Besides having virtually adopted children from the village he grew up in, he runs a "Student to Student" program to provide after-school help to children in poorer areas. Participating university students are provided with enough "pocket money" for transportation and receive unparalleled satisfaction along with training in helping younger members of their own community.

In 2010 we visited Nepal with a team from Baptist University in Hong Kong, for a memorable 10 days of volunteering and cultural travel with James. The volunteer work focus was completing some work on a library built by Beam Life Foundation adjacent to a village school. The library was made possible by the generous support of long-time sponsors of James' work, who are based in Europe, and for around 3000 Euros the library, previously only a dream, became a reality.

We felt a kindred spirit in James, and learned much from seeing first-hand how he has patiently and painstakingly managed his projects over the years. Our team donated materials to the library, including paint and plaster for the completing of the rooms, painted the walls and woodwork, added a wall mural, and donated a new digital camera to James so he could better document his ongoing work. He is a man with a life-long calling to give back to his community and his country, in particular to children, and we were proud to be a part of his vision.

Click below to read reports of our two trips made to visit and work with James. We have a list of interested prospective team members to contact for future trips - if you would like to be on this list and receive updates and information, please send a request by email to

2010 Nepal Trip
2012 Nepal Trip