2017 Highlights


A heartfelt thank you to those of you who sent donations around the time of World Water Day (22 March, 2017), which enabled:

  • The donation of water pumps for needy communities and school programs
  • The purchase of a high performance ram pump (an Iahlu Ram Pump) for lifting water up to 100 metres

Our hope and vision is that annual World Water Days will not only be a time to invest in solving the water crisis, but also to help young people in our own communities become more aware of the problem of water scarcity in many parts of the world, along with the need for all of us to work together to solve this crisis.

According to the Wikipedia article on this important day, “World Water Day has seen an increase in the quantity and quality of education initiatives within schools and universities, to raise awareness of the importance of conserving and managing water resources.”

That is an encouraging trend, and the Go Beyond Water for Life project has maintained a strong focus on the education aspect of conserving and managing water resources. In 2017, we used a new adjustable valve for our ram pump demonstration at ISF Academy in Hong Kong, and during the two day event, our pump was set up next to a building with an external staircase. Such a setup is perfect for taking measurements and simulating a permanent ram pump installation.

The World Water Day theme in 2018 explores how nature can be used to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. Teachers please contact us at info@gobeyondnow.net if you would like to use our Power-Point on how ram pumps use water energy to pump water, or if you would like to arrange a ram pump demonstration for students.


Children's activity

In September, 2017, our Nepal partner, James Luitel, founder of Beam Life Foundation, met with villagers in Nawalpur Village, in the Everest region of Nepal, as they prepared to add rainwater harvesting to a community building under construction. We envision that one such rainwater harvesting installation will lead to more, and to the village having sufficient water storage to be able to survive a drought. The next step in this initiative, which is being funded by sponsors, including Go Beyond, is the construction of a 40 cubic metre concrete storage tank.

Designated gifts for the Nawalpur project will be used entirely for the project. Volunteers are also needed, especially those with construction skills. If you are planning to visit Nepal, between October and April and wish to help the Nawalpur project as a volunteer, please email us at info@gobeyondnow.net.


Piped-in water, taps indoors, hot showers – these are a dream for many. Rainwater tanks and efficient pumps are needed, but the wait for these conveniences can be long, and a huge number of people still carry water daily.

Children's activity

In 2017, Go Beyond sent water backpacks, donated by PackH2O and Go Beyond, to Tanna Island in Vanuatu. These ergonomic packs make water transportation safer and much easier for those who still need to carry water to their homes every day.

However, thankfully, the topography of Tanna Island is suitable for the use of ram pumps, which are now being used to raise water to many of the villages there, using the Iahlu Ram Pump designed by Adam Pearse. The Pearse Consulting Facebook page post on May 20, 2017 has heartening news on progress to that date – “there are now 48 Iahlu Ram Pumps providing water to communities on Tanna Island!”

The post also includes an inspiring news story from August 2015 – "Kiwis bring life-changing water to Vanuatu".

Volunteers and sponsors interested in this project please contact us at info@gobeyondnow.net, or contact Adam Pearse through his Facebook page.


The Go Beyond community has grown this year, as have spread the word and shared info on our water and library projects with others. People have enquired from new places, such as Africa, and some have offered to help or work with us in some way. That’s wonderful and is the very reason we established Go Beyond.

Children's activity

Some of our original volunteers got together for a reunion dinner (above photo) in Hong Kong in July, 2017.


Throughout the year, the wealth of beautifully illustrated picture books in the Go Beyond library in Yunnan, China, has continued to benefit the many children who pored over their pages, and students also benefitted by having musical instruments available. A huge thank you to all who have helped by sending books and musical instruments to this growing library.

Staff at the kindergarten and school are keen to have additional items, such as more musical instruments, and educational toys, which could enhance teaching of numeracy, science concepts and other academic subjects. It's always heartening to hear of teachers' inspiration to provide a better and more well-rounded education for the children they teach, and we look forward to being able to help empower them by add such items to the library.

A library is a springboard for any number of creative and innovative activities to benefit students. Regular volunteers, as well as those visiting, can be a huge asset in bringing additional benefit to students, whether in conducting activities, bringing new materials or helping with additions and improvements.

Such improvements can include brightening up the students’ study environment with a new coat of paint, or even painting a mural. On previous trips to Nepal and India, volunteers painted classrooms, window and door frames, as well as a mural on a classroom wall at the Beam Life Foundation library near Kathmandu.

A volunteer team from Japan has now added an impressive artistic touch to an even larger outside wall at the school where this library is, as shown in these photos.

Caption to be added

Caption to be added

Please contact us at info@gobeyondnow.net if you have skills such as teaching, music, mural painting, or just a love of interacting with children and would like to volunteer while travelling.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our supporters and sponsors who have helped make our projects possible last year and this new year.