Sponsor a trip

Become a part of our work by sponsoring a trip. "Per trip" sponsorship has been a mainstay mode for supporting our Water for Life project and Knowledge Tree Education Project over the years.

The process is simple - our team, or a student volunteer team, meets a prospective sponsoring group to present the project, the goals of the upcoming trip and the budget covering materials and trip-related costs.     After funding is approved and an agreement signed, Go Beyond finalizes the trip and selects the volunteers from among applicants, using a 'first-come-first-served' rule.

After the trip, the Go Beyond team reports on the trip and at the sponsor's request also attends an event to present the trip and the progress made. Such events can be a unforgettable milestone experience for both the sponsors and the volunteers, and have a high value in motivating fellow students or employees to volunteer. Additionally they highlight the value of teamwork in enabling an organization to fulfill its CSR goals.

We wish to acknowledge the kind sponsorship of past trips which we have received from:


  • U-Action, Hong Kong
  • Poly-U SIP program, Hong Kong
  • Macalline, Shenzhen
  • Staff from Ma On Shan Primary School
  • Private sponsors

Contact us today at: info@gobeyondnow.net