2018 Highlights



Special thanks to all who contributed during our 2018 World Water Day Appeal, and to those who have volunteered their time this year, to help with initiatives such as translating the manual for the Iahlu Pump, designed by Adam Pearse from Pearse Consulting, into Nepali, and helping source and produce water pump parts for ram pump projects.

Much of the effort involved in Go Beyond projects is by individual volunteers, and remains unseen, but it is making a difference, and will lead to future impact. We highly value the practical involvement of young people – They are our future as we older folks slow down and pass the baton to them. Please contact us, if you are traveling and looking for ways to make a difference as you explore new cultures and places, or if you can can help in other ways.




A visit to Nairobi last July, was a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who have a passion to make a difference, in particular, those focused on Africa’s huge need for improved access to water and for medical care .

Conference photo

At the 2018 OPGC Conference in Nairobi
L-R: Chris Ansell from Go Beyond; Christine Murphy, who with her husband, Michael, kindly provided an invitation to the conference; Pascaline Compaore, founder of Vision Action for Sustainable Development in Burkina Faso; and Stuart Hintz, president of Remuera Lions club in Auckland, New Zealand


Pascaline Campaore established Vision Action for Sustainable Development to help villages in her country achieve self-sufficiency in water through using solar-powered pumps. She remembers long daily walks as a child, when she had to get up at 2 a.m., and spend five hours walking with her mother to carry water. In spite of struggling to stay awake after so little sleep, Pasacaline persevered in her schooling and has since obtained her master’s degree in law.

Pascaline’s efforts are noble and worthy of support. Please contact us if you can help with Pascaline’s project.

Chris from Go Beyond presented at the 2018 OPGC Conference in Nairobi, on the impact of overseas volunteering on young people, and the potential of ram pump technology for irrigation. Go Beyond also donated several ram pump impulse valves for use in Kenya water projects, which attracted a fledgling team of volunteers with a vision and passion to see this technology in use more, to benefit struggling farmers. Many still carry water from rivers, which contain more than enough energy to pump water to fields 100 or more metres away.




Visit to Lions Firstsight Eye Hospital

Stuart Hintz of Remuera Lions Club New Zealand and a Lions Club in Nairobi arranged a visit to the Lions Firstsight Eye Hospital.


Lions Firstsight Eye Hospital

The hospital treats many patients free of charge and also has a schedule for sending teams of doctors to villages to do eye check-ups, and to arrange for those who need surgery to come to the hospital.




This year, at ISF Academy in Hong Kong, another group of students benefitted from a live ram pump demonstration, for which we prepared a data sheet to record output flow rates at various heights.


Ram pump event at ISF


To prepare for the activity, Go Beyond director, Emmett Lynch, came a week early to work with teachers to set up and operate the pump. Then on the day of the student event, the teachers and students worked together on a live pump demonstration. Passing on practical skills to others is our goal in providing this activity, and is it encouraging that another batch of students and teachers are now able to use this useful technology.

As the teacher who organizes the event explains:

At ISF we run the Group IV project over one night and one day; students engage in one of three meaningful STEM challenges. Building a model Ram Pump, and working on data collection with an authentic Ram Pump is one of these activities. It is through the tremendous efforts of Chris and Emmett that we are able to have this opportunity for our students to engage with the scientific principles involved, as well as consideration of the potential applications of such tools. ISF have a rich diversity of service trips, some of which are to places where Ram Pump projects may well be applied.


In New Zealand, we are hopeful that in 2019, a ram pump we have provided for school activities will give New Zealand students similar opportunities. Many thanks to Dr Sarah Kenworthy for looking for such opportunities in New Zealand for young people to benefit from this meaningful STEM activity, which connects directly to UN SD Goal #6.




In November 2018, Our Nepal partner, James Luitel, of Beam Life Foundation, visited Nawalpur village, where we are helping to mentor and support James' village water 'Bucket of Water' project there. More work has been done on the building sponsored by project participants and donors. The building is to have a storage tank for rainwater collection, as part of diversifying the sources of water which the village relies on. They need more water and to find less labour-intensive ways to transport it.


Water carrying in Nawalpur Village

A child from Nawalpur village empties a heavy water container she has carried into a stone jar.


Recent progress includes a new agreement for Nawalpur village to obtain water from a nearer source. Even from this closer source, most water used is still being carried by women and children about half a kilometre up a steep path with an elevation increase of 200m, yet this is a great improvement on the previous more distant source! If you are in Nepal, and have expertise in pumps, can you help with investigating designs for a solar or wind pump installation? Or can you donate water backpacks? If you prefer to help via a Rotary or Lions club, James Luitel is in close contact with such clubs in Nepal. Please write us today.


Lunch reunion event

James and his wife, Bindu, at a recent lunch reunion event they organised for students they have sponsored over the years. Due to kind donations from sponsors they were able to give warm winter clothing, such as jumpers, to these students, as well as a nutritious lunch.


2019 promises to be a year of progress and new opportunities to make a difference, and for the Go Beyond community to grow and include more partners, schools and volunteers from more places. Contact us today to be a part!